Blue Blob wavedashing.

Wavedashing is a basic technique used in conjunction with other techniques and moves, or for spacing and mobility. This technique only works with the airdodge style set as "Wave" as opposed to the default style "Pivot". It is done by air dodging diagonally towards the ground after a short hop. This technique is useful for slow characters or as an alternative for dodging attacks.

Super Wavedashing

Super wavedash

Super wavedashing as Blue Blob

Due to ground physics change in an IGB patch, this technique is obsolete and no longer achievable.

 Super Wavedashing is an advanced variant of wavedashing that is much more difficult to pull off. This is done by shorthopping, then immediately air dodging left or right (not towards the ground). If done correctly, the character will be boosted much farther than a regular wavedash.