The Kid is the main character of I Wanna Be The Guy and a playable character in Indie Game Battle.






Grounded Attacks

  • Jab (1st hit): The Kid uses a boxing glove and punches the opponent. Does 2% damage.
  • Jab (2nd hit): The Kid repeats the first punch again, also doing 2% damage.
  • Jab (3rd hit): The Kid punches with his right arm instead, slightly tilted upwards. Does 5% damage.
  • Forward tilt: The Kid swings his cape forward.
  • Up tilt: The Kid punches up in the air with his boxing glove.
  • Down tilt: The Kid does a low kick.
  • Forward smash: The Kid holds the gun with both hands then fires it.
  • Up smash: A spike spawns from the ground and flies upward as The Kid dodges it.
  • Down smash: 2 spikes spawn on both sides of The Kid as he barely dodges them.


  • Neutral air: The Kid makes a kicking pose, damaging opponents who get close. Does 5% damage. Comes out very fast, and has a long-lasting hitbox. Also sends opponents upwards.
  • Forward air: The Kid uses his gun and fires a bullet in the direction he is facing. The bullet does more damage at close range. When firing, The Kid is also pushed backwards.
  • Back air: The Kid turns 180 degrees and fires his gun behind him. Very similar to forward air, but has more damage, knockback and recoil force.
  • Up air: The Kid does a flip and whips his cape up in the air.
  • Down air: The Kid kicks downward. Meteor smashes enemies.


  • Neutral special (tap): Apple Shield. The Kid spawns an apple that orbits around him. Up to 3 apples can be spawned. The apples can hurt enemies on contact.
  • Neutral special (hold): Apple Throw. If there is an apple orbiting around The Kid, he will throw the apple forward.
  • Side special: Flight. The Kid flies forward with great speed.
  • Up special (ground): Falling Apple. The Kid ducks as an apple spawns above him and flies downward on an angle. Meteor smashes enemies. Useful for edge guarding or anti air mind games.
  • Up special (air): Rising Apple. An apple spawns below The Kid. Can knock The Kid or the enemy upward. Has self damage if user gets hit. (0.5% damage to user and enemy) This move requires enough height from the ground for the apple to spawn below The Kid.
  • Down special: Spike Trap. The Kid throws a spike that latches onto the ground for a set period of time. Uses up about 10% PP. Hurts enemies on contact. Can be destroyed by certain attacks or projectiles.
  • Super Attack: Apple Storm. The Kid ducks down as a blinding amount of apples spawn around him and immensely damaging enemies caught in the dense attack.


  • The boxing gloves The Kid uses in some of his moves comes from Mike Tyson, who is a boss in his game.
  • The Kid is currently the only character to have a move that can hurt himself.