Indie Game Battle Stage
Universe: Indie Game Battle
Size: Small

Showdown is a stage in Indie Game Battle.


Showdown is a very basic stage. It is a flat stage with 3 platforms above it. The stage itself goes all the way down to the blast zone, allowing walljumping on either side.

The stage has alternatives in which sometimes it will be day time and other times it will be night time.


Showdown has no hazards.


Track Name Source Original/Remix
Showdown Indie Game Battle Original
Indie Game Battle Remix Indie Game Battle Remix


  • In older versions of the game, Showdown had grass and trees. Overall, it had a very different appearance than what it has today.
  • The older version of Showdown used assets from The Legend of The Artifact.
  • In the latest version of the game, Showdown had a huge update on graphics in which it now has pipes coming from the ground into the platform. It also has blue glowing crystals in the water fall.