Indie Game Battle Stage
Universe: Indie Game Battle
Size: Medium/Large

Retrolands is a stage in Indie Game Battle.

The stage itself is a play on old NES games, the original Super Mario Bros in particular.


Retrolands is a basic stage, as it is mostly just a large flat platform. However, it also has water on both sides.


Retrolands has no particular hazards. However, it does feature water on both sides of the stage. The clouds above the stage will also spawn randomly on either side and move across the screen. These clouds may also be landed on and used as platforms.


Track Name Source Original/Remix
Indie Game Battle Remix Indie Game Battle Remix
Rolling Hills 8-bit The Legend of The Artifact Remix
Tough Enemy 8-bit The Legend of The Artifact Remix


  • All the assets for this stage are made by hand. It is intended to resemble Mario Bros, but the assets for the stage are not the same.