Pico is the main character in Pico's School, and a playable character in Indie Game Battle.






Grounded Attacks

  • Jab (1st hit): Pico does a low kick.
  • Jab (2nd hit): Pico does a high kick.
  • Forward tilt: Pico bashes the enemy with his gun.
  • Up tilt: Pico turns around and kicks upward.
  • Down tilt: Pico does a sweep kick.
  • Forward smash: Pico does a powerful side kick.
  • Up smash: Pico does a powerful uppercut kick.
  • Down smash: Pico does a double sweep kick.


  • Neutral air: Pico kicks in an arc above him.
  • Forward air: Pico swipes his gun 2 times in front of him.
  • Back air: Pico does a reverse spin kick.
  • Up air: Pico flips upside down and kicks upward.
  • Down air: Pico spins and kicks downward.


  • Neutral special: Pico fires his Uzi. Very inaccurate, 1% damage per bullet.
  • Side special: Pico sprays with a fire extinguisher. Deals water element damage.
  • Up special: Pico points his Uzi downwards and fires it rapidly to propel himself upward.
  • Down special: Pico pulls out a grenade which can be thrown afterwards.
  • Super Attack: Pico extends his Uzi magazine size and rapidly fires it for a huge bullet storm.


  • Pico has alts based on Nene, Darnell, Cassandra, Alucard, Cyclops, and Piconjo from his series.
  • Pico's purple and white alt is based on his palette from the Newgrounds Writing Anthology.
  • Pico's red alt is a direct reference to the red alt he has in Guppy's Quest.
  • Pico was released as a playable character in IGB's 1.77 patch on May 7th 2016, which is the same day when Pico Day was happening on Newgrounds.