This article contains info about a removed character. This page is kept open for historical purposes.

Gontaper is one of the protagonists in the SP Series, and a playable character in Indie Game Battle.



Gontaper is a round creature with detached limbs and a big smile. He is slightly wide but somewhat short.


Gontaper can run really fast. This is due to his legs being very big compared to the rest of his body, and his strength, allowing him to push further as he moves.



Grounded Attacks

  • Jab (1st hit): Quick punch, doing 1-2% damage to the opponent.
  • Jab (2nd hit): Gontaper flips forward, kicking in front of him. Does 4-5%.
  • Forward tilt: A kick forward, dealing pure horizontal knockback for 5%.
  • Up tilt: Gontaper claps his hands toghether, dealing 2-3% damage and sending his opponent upward.
  • Down tilt: A fast jab with his foot for 4%.
  • Forward smash: A heavy headbutt that deals 8% uncharged and 15% fully charged.
  • Up smash: Gontaper shoots two fountains of water from the ground. Does 6% uncharged and 10% fully charged. While the damage may be low, this move has very high vertical knockback.
  • Down smash: A downward slam with both hands. Emits a shockwave of heat and does 7% uncharged and 13% fully charged with high horizontal knockback.


  • Neutral air: Gontaper spins around, dealing 3-6%.
  • Forward air: Gontaper sticks his leg forward, 6% if sweetspotted, 3% if sourspotted.
  • Back air: A backwards kick that deals 5%.
  • Up air: An upward spinning punch that deals 7% damage.
  • Down air: A series of 3 downward kicks. If all three connect, it does 6% damage.


  • Neutral special: Gontaper charges a strong cartwheel the longer you hold, and unleashes at very high speed to do 8-9% damage upon a hit.
  • Side special: Gontaper throws a bubble in front of him, which slowly bounces until it slows to a stop. It deals 4% damage but has high knockback is one of the best spacing tools in the game.
  • Up special: Gontaper summons a fountain beneath himself, pushing him upward. Deals a maximum of 10% damage if all hits connect.
  • Down special: Gontaper encases himself in a bubble by holding the Special Attack button, which slows his fall speed. The bubble is able to turn projectile damage into heal amount. When the button is released, the bubble pops, dealing 4% damage.
  • Super Attack: Gontaper does a little dance, and then turns a dark orange color. This super move harshly buffs his attack, enabling him to kill easier, while also making him invulnerable to attacks.