Cushion, unlike most characters, cannot be selected as a playable character in Indie Game Battle. He appears when players are in training mode. He does not move or attack at any time during training mode.



Cushion, as the name suggests, is a large white cushion with 2 black eyes with a tongue sticking out. There are stitches sewn around the sides to keep the body together.


  • There was a bug in a very old build of Indie Game Battle, where Cushion would repeatedly jump on the spot after getting KOed. This is if the player had CPU enabled on player 2 before entering training mode.
  • Cushion appears the snoo mascot for Indie Game Battle's sub-reddit. Having the signature antennae but with red eyes.
  • Cushion achieves the highest health of all characters in Indie Game Battle. Having a value of 9999 HP.