Chubs mysteriously appeared out of nowhere, it's identity is shrouded in a mystery.



Chubs has no origin, as that is a mystery indeed, no one knows where Chubs came from and it's identity is nothing but a mystery that has been shrouded, or yet to be discovered, no one knows why and probably won't know why. Chubs is Chubs.


Chubs is a unique being with an incredible power, stronger than any character there ever was. Also, Chubs is pink.


Chubs can summon voids at his own will, if a character gets close, their health gauge will deplete to nothing, that is the power of Chubs. You can't question it, although his other abilities remain unknown, although he can also jab quickly.


Chubs is a character that can be summoned to assist the player.


Expands for 2-5 seconds before disappearing. (Expanding causes knockback)

Super Chubs

Expands for 10-15 seconds while trashing around wildly in a glorious fury. Anyone who touches the mysterious chubs gets high damage and knockback.


  • Originally Chubs started out as an inside joke in the original BGS Skype group chat.
  • Chubs is the first assist character in Indie Game Battle.
  • Chubs' only expression is a smile.

Chubs - 1626