Chip is one of the main characters in The Legend of The Artifact, and a playable character in Indie Game Battle.






Grounded Attacks

  • Jab (1st hit): Chip does a straight punch.
  • Jab (2nd hit): Chip punches with the other hand.
  • Forward tilt: Chip does a head butt attack.
  • Up tilt: Chip spins in place.
  • Down tilt: Chip does a low kick with both legs.
  • Forward smash: Chip does a drop kick. Burns enemy.
  • Up smash: Chip does a back flip kick. Burns enemy.
  • Down smash: Chip spins and kicks in both directions.


  • Neutral air: Chip spins in the air.
  • Forward air: Chip throws a fireball. Burns enemy. Attack weakens at range.
  • Up air: Chip attacks with his head.
  • Down air: Chip dives downward. Meteor smashes diagonally.


  • Neutral special: Chip throws a flaming cookie. Burns enemy.
  • Side special: Chip dives forward. Burns enemy.
  • Up special: Chip leaps upward. Burns enemy.
  • Down special: Chip flies downward, head first.
  • Super Attack: Chip dashes forward at light speed, leaving behind a trail of fire and knocks back any enemies caught in the attack range. Fire can damage and burn enemies.

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