Captain Vididian is the main character in VVVVVV, and a playable character in Indie Game Battle.



Captain Viridian has a small, childlike body that is entirely blue, and has black, round eyes and a smiling black mouth.


His main ability is to flip gravity at any time in order to maneuver around places he otherwise can't.



Grounded Attacks

  • Jab (1st hit): Viridian punches forward.
  • Jab (2nd hit): Viridian punches with the other hand.
  • Jab (3rd hit): Viridian attacks with his elbow.
  • Forward tilt: Viridian spawns a bounce string in front of him, and pulls it.
  • Up tilt: Viridian spawns a green cube from the ground as it rises upward.
  • Down tilt: Viridian does a sweep kick.
  • Forward smash: Viridian shoots out 5 red triangles forward, having the last triangle deal the final blow on the enemy.
  • Up smash: Viridian applies upward gravity force above him, launching enemies upward.
  • Down smash: Viridian spawns 2 error bugs beside him.


  • Neutral air: Viridian turns into an error bug temporarily, serving as a multi hit aerial attack.
  • Forward air: Viridian spins around then does a powerful drop kick.
  • Back air: Viridian does a backwards spinning kick behind him.
  • Up air: Viridian does a flip kick. Useful for starting combos or chaining aerial combos.
  • Down air: Viridian shoots a red triangle below him. Spikes the enemy.


  • Neutral special: Gravity Punch. Viridian charges up gravitational energy then does a powerful uppercut. Using this move in the air will make Viridian float, making it a viable recovery move or an off stage finisher. This move is very devastating in the hands of an experienced user.
  • Side special: Viridian throws a star forward.
  • Up special: Gravity Reversal. Viridian reverses gravity and floats upwards. Holding up will make Viridian float up, while holding down will make Viridian hover.
  • Down special (ground): Conveyor Kick. Viridian spawns a conveyor belt below him and does a slide kick along it.
  • Down special (air): Gravity Crush. Viridian intensifies the gravity and falls downward with immense force.
  • Super Attack: Negative Force. Viridian controls gravity around him, causing enemies to float upwards for a bit, then Viridian slams them down to the ground by maximizing gravity force upon them.


  • Viridian has alts based on his crew members from his game.
  • Despite being able to jump in Indie Game Battle, Viridian cannot jump in VVVVVV.
    • In addition, Viridian also cannot reverse gravity while in mid air in VVVVVV.
  • Captain Viridian is the first character to introduce a looping taunt that can be cancelled at anytime. His looping taunt is the skeleton dance.