Artist is the main character in Fantidote, and a playable character in Indie Game Battle.






Grounded Attacks

  • Jab (1st hit): Artist unleashes a short ranged blast with his spray can. Slightly pushes him back.
  • Forward tilt: Artist kicks forward.
  • Up tilt: Artist sprays his can upward.
  • Down tilt: Artist does a low kick.
  • Forward smash: Artist spins around once and sprays his can forward. Very fast move with minimal end lag.
  • Up smash: Artist points his spray can upwards and sprays above him.
  • Down smash: Artist spins around while spraying his can around him.


  • Neutral air: Artist does a somersault in the air.
  • Forward air: Artist sprays his can in a crescent shaped arc.
  • Back air: Artist unleashes a spray blast behind him.
  • Up air: Artist blasts his spray can above him. Pushes Artist downward.
  • Down air: Artist unleashes a spray can blast below him. Spikes enemies. Very useful as a recovery move while ascending or for slightly stalling the falling speed.


  • Neutral special: Artist uses the daze spray, which will put enemies in confusion state.
  • Side special: A randomized fan spawns behind Artist as he immediately dodges them. Each fan has different speed and attack element.
  • Up special: Artist charges up his spray can while the special attack is held down. Upon release, Artist points his spray can below him and sprays with it for propulsion. The height and recovery duration is based on how long the charge was held.
  • Down special: Artist summons a card that orbits around him. Damages enemies on contact. Using Side Special will cause the fans to run in the opposite direction.
  • Super Attack:


  • Artist was the very first 3rd party character to be confirmed for Indie Game Battle. [1]
  • Artist is the only playable character to come from a (presumably) cancelled game.